This is a giraffe portrait, chewing food. Sky background.
Will this giraffe spit on your ideas? No! He's just chewing!

 Challenge Giraffe needs YOU!


People of any shape, colour, size or even country, I need you to put in a paper fantasy order with me.


    How it works: In order to learn and practice, I need challenges according to desires of others. If you can put in an 'order' with me that is fairly small, specific and not too ambitious, then I will try to fulfil what you want. If the item sounds a bit beyond my capabilities or financial capabilities (as I'm currently living off savings and selling the cat's fur for pillows), I'll tell you and see if it's possible to create something a bit smaller or easier.


     When the item is finished, I will post the pictures up here for public viewing and give you credit (if you like). There is NO obligation to buy! You'll be able to buy if you like it, but if not, it will be available for others to buy. So... this is a fantasy order. And thank you for your donation of imagination!

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.