About Paper Trips

  Paper Trips is my hobby and dream business. With Paper Trips, I want to be about creating personalised and unusual paper floristry products- although I use a variety of materials in my creations. I want to make everything I can think of, and hopefully be environmentally friendly too! I'm based in Orange, New South Wales, Australia and create from my home. Most flowers are origami flowers, though a few are other designs popularised by online craft blogs and occasionally, I'll just create my own thang.


   Right now, I've only been making and researching for about a year. While my creations are often available to buy, some are made for family or friends and at the moment I can't set up an online store. But some items are available to buy, if you are in Australia. Especially if you are around the Orange region, because I'd love to meet up and chat about what you'd like over a cuppa!

The Paper Trips Challenge

   I need YOU! People of any shape, colour, size or even country, I need you to put in a paper fantasy order with me.


    How it works: In order to learn and practice, I need challenges according to desires of others. If you can put in an 'order' with me that is fairly small, specific and not too ambitious, then I will try to fulfil what you want. If the item sounds a bit beyond my capabilities or financial capabilities (as I'm currently living off savings and selling the cat's fur for pillows), I'll tell you and see if it's possible to create something a bit smaller or easier.


    When the item is finished, I will post the pictures up here for public viewing and give you credit (if you like). There is NO obligation to buy! You'll be able to buy if you like it, but if not, it will be available for others to buy. So... this is a fantasy order! And thank you for your donation of imagination. :)

Buying Paper Trips Items

So, what if you've made a fantasy donation and WANT NOW, or if you'd like me to send you something I've posted as available to buy? Well, if you are in Australia- sorry, international awesome people, your time will come- then start by writing to me about it. If this is an item that is all ready to go, I will haul the item to the post office and request a registered quote for sending to your area (I need only your postcode at this point), add the base cost of the item and email or call you with the total cost. At that point if you still want to buy the item, I will email you a link to a PayPal invoice. You do not need a PayPal account to pay, and while you have to open an account to make a dispute, you can dispute a transaction that occurred before you open your account. PayPal and registered post together protect everybody!

When I can add an online store to this website, I will update this process. And of course, if you live near me in Orange, NSW, Australia, you can pay in person in cash, because a human meeting is also nice.


PayPal can explain about the payment process here: https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/email-invoice

And about the disputes of transactions here: https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/helpcenter/helphub/topic/?topicID=DISPUTE_AND_CLAIM_INFORMATION&parentID=CLAIMS_AND_LIMITATIONS&m=BT

About Me

   I love to make pretty things! ...But no degrees in design and only half a degree in Security Analysis in Asian Studies, and a whole lot of interest in politics, humans rights, feminism, psychology, methods of rationality, art, culture, multiculturalism, travel, craft and beautiful things. Talk to me about whatever you like! Some of these things may seem disconnected, but I find connections all over the place. For example, I have a fascination with synesthesia, which for some people manifests as seeing colour when hearing certain types of sounds, or with particular colours.




Biologists seem pretty sure that cattle don't actually react to red more than other colours. I particularly enjoyed this farmer's no-nonsense take on the subject: "In referring to the saying, 'Like waving a red rag before a bull', I have found that to wave anything before a bull is a dangerous business."




And how many people notice colour around them when it isn't pointed out, or surreally expressed? One of the things I aim to achieve with Paper Trips is to remind people that having at least patches of bright colour around you is important for your own happiness, and also that having beautiful things doesn't have to cost lots of money or be environmentally unfriendly.




Finally, I also recommend hpmor.org (Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality) for some amusing, well written learning about rationality and how we think!

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