A Long Distance Floral Dedication to My Aunt

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba~
Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba~

     Like many Aussie kids, I was brought up in a single parent household and a whole family community. My mum has three sisters in different areas of New South Wales, who have generally had beautiful country properties, horses and dogs, my cousins and uncles and thriving humour chips. One of my aunts is Jenny, who lived near Armidale when I was a kid. I have childish impressions of laughter and teasing, very creative endeavours and (sorry Jen) moonlighting at Monopoly from which I learnt the skills of skepticism and keeping an eye on bankers, both useful skills.

      It was this particular family member that I had in mind when creating this particular bouquet, and post it here for her to see. The blues have always been her favourite colours, the ocean a favourite place and the golds with the blues brought to mind memories of the feature wall she once created and the little DnT (Design and Tech) projects she helped me with in high school.

        The structure of the bouquet is all paper and cardboard; a small ball of layered paper pinned and glued to a strong stem of rolled cardboard. All recycled materials! My aunt is a strong believer in preserving the environment (as am I) and repurposing is so much better than chucking. The striped fabric covering the stem is also repurposed; it was from a beautiful shirt given to me by a friend for this use.

       It's a Star! I painted it with a lovely teal mica spray and spotted the edges with copper paper blossoms and roses made from hand painted paper.

True to our environmental principles, the entire bouquet is also edible, if one is really, really hungry.

      The lower part of the stem is decorated with gold paper, lace tape and washi tape. Many of the paper flowers are also recycled paper, including magazines pages and packaging brown paper. The little cushioned rose of brown paper there is painted with crossed lines of thinned silver paint.

...I wonder if Jen checks my blog?
...I wonder if Jen checks my blog?

NB: No plants were harmed in the making of this blog post and it has been written using 100% recycled words.



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