Distressed Characters in Digital Print

A pink cartoon kitten with mittens in comic book style - by Paper Trips

      This is a recent entry into a Spoonflower contest, the 'Kittens in Mittens' contest. The pink and teal version was the one entered, with the orange and blue one created afterwards. While many of my fabric (and wallpaper or wrapping paper) designs are adaptions of photos, I have enjoyed playing about making cartoonish characters like this from scratch for some time now, just like my 'Hypnotised Sheep With Robot Master'.

An orange cartoon kitten with mittens in comic book style - by Paper Trips

A cartoonish lion fabric (wallpaper and wrapping paper) design by Paper Trips

     'The Bulky Lion With the See Through Face'. He's happy with life, but a little vacant and not so organised when planning for the future. The little bird is rather scornful of the Bulky Lion, which is to be expected.

A fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper design of a ballerina rabbit with blue and gold Christmas baubles, by Paper Trips

'Crackerjack Rabbit Does Nutcracker'. Another contest entry! This time, the contest was themed around the famous Christmas ballet, Nutcracker. Crackerjack Rabbit's dress is inspired by Ivan Vsevolozhsky's original sketches for Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker ballet, 1892.

A cartoonish pufferfish divorcee that is comically rabid and angry, fabric design by Paper Trips.

     'Pufferfish After A Divorce' Ah, the sleepless nights, the ranting, the lack of personal hygiene... I've never seen a divorcee actually look or act like that, but somehow everybody seems to understand what the poor pufferfish is experiencing.

A black and blue fabric design featuring two funny pufferfish faces by Paper Trips

'Bearded Pufferfish'.  Okay, this was really the first two attempts at a approximate pufferfish stylisations. Mostly, I just keep them around to make the divorced pufferfish look more put together.

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