Barb's Festive Titan of Paper Flowers

Unfinished paper flower project by Paper Trips, with just one Christmas paper lily.

     When my partner's Aunt Barbara put in an order for a Christmas hanging ball, it sounded like a normal order. One hanging ball with any paper flowers, main colours were to be red and green and the size was to be around 30-35cm, so the largest to date. It was a brand new challenge that set me thinking, but in my uppity excitement I underestimated what that size actually meant.


    In this first photo you can see the hanging ball's underwear (sorry, festive titan ball!) and the very first flower. Isn't it sweet and rather reminiscent of a toddler with one front tooth? I almost sent this picture to Barbara with a note explaining that the item was finished, but I didn't think she'd fall for it.

A large paper flower art piece, with origami lilies and paper roses in Christmas colours.

       The average school ruler is 30cm, and they aren't particularly imposing. But when 30cm refers to the diameter of an actual sphere, it means a great deal more. In order to reach the maximum size with the base ball and add strength, I used not only 50-60 layers of the old calendar paper you can see above but also several layers of thick sheet fabric. And then, as the diameter was still less than ideal, I made the decision to use mostly lilies and some tall twisty roses as the main paper flowers for the biggest possible final product. Barbara did suggest to me that I could shrink the plans down but the hallway she planned to display the ball in has a very tall roof so a small item would disappear. Besides, the best part is the learning process from new challenges!

A close up of cream coloured paper flowers, lilies and roses, with pearl pins.

     I spraypainted the ball in silver, then wound a fluffy red thread around each new paper flower as I pinned it in. You can just see it peeking through in the photo above.

Beautiful paper flowers in red, green and cream cardstock and origami paper.

       Unfortunately, I was a bit rushed with crafts and had to relegate the photography to my poor (also rushed) partner at the last night time, so we don't have the best pictures of the whole piece. Happily the close ups did turn out well.

A close up of paper flowers including twisty roses, origami lilies and rolled roses with cream coloured ribbons.

     The main focus of the ball are the lines of red and green lilies, made from acid free double sided card stock. Unlike most origami flowers, lilies show two sides of the paper used, so they were perfect for this piece. In the gaps I put strong twisty roses and lilies in the cream acid free card stock.


      At the north and south poles the lines meet, and I doubled these lilies with the red and green origami paper for added pretties. And then the really fun part! Finishing touches. I added silvery rolled roses, random pearls in cream, red and green and the ribbons to hang the item with.

A view into paper flowers (paper lilies) showing an inside contrasting colour (green with red).

   The lines in the design show through a little better in this picture. Unfortunately, I was a bit rushed with crafts and had to relegate the photography to my poor (also rushed) partner on the last evening, so we don't have the best pictures of the whole piece. Happily the close ups did turn out well, but the size still doesn't show properly- it's more than twice the size of my head. I checked.


     Barb's Festive Titan was a great order for paper flower projects. It fit my skills but was not something I would have come up with myself and it pushed the limits of what I thought I could make. It was fun! You can see Barb's own post (including better photos) here. Thanks Barb. :)

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  • #1

    Barbara Neubeck (Wednesday, 18 February 2015 16:21)

    Hello Lotti...... I love this post... I knew a great deal of work went into making my Titan .... it's more special now that I've seen the process.....
    I've been calling it 'my Floral ball' ...but I'm calling it my Titan from now on... great name....
    Thanks again for making it for me...
    Have a great day ...
    Hugs.... Barb xx

  • #2

    Trish (Thursday, 19 February 2015 07:03)

    This is a great post, Lotti..I love the great photos and the story of Barb's Titan ball :-)
    You did a fantastic job and it looks wonderful hanging in her hallway! xox

  • #3

    Lotti Riley (Saturday, 21 February 2015 05:10)

    Thank you, ladies! Took a while to find the right word, Titan, but the trusty internet offered the perfect concept, ha ha! FYI, this is now my very first cross-blogging experience too, so lots of first here. :) Much love!

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