Hypnotised Sheep With The Crazed Robot Master

Paper Trips fabric design (also wallpaper and wrapping paper) of a cartoon sheep hypnotised by a flying robot.
Hypnotised Sheep With The Crazed Robot Master

      This is one of my fabric designs on Spoonflower, the Hypnotised Sheep With The Crazed Robot Master. He's been Imperiused, controlled, and his robotic overlord created is wearing pins stuck in its wires because it thought it was missing ears. This sheepie is going through a rough patch right now.

But isn't he cute? :")


It is also available on two types of wrapping paper and two types of wallpaper. I played around with the colours and made a few (semi) monochromatic variations. Each picture is a link to the relevant Spoonflower pages.

A neon background, green sheep with green hypno eyes, falling green leaves and a funny sphere robot.

The green version. It's a little nightclub strobe-y, with the faintly fluro background and way the eyes are clearly blinded.

A purple sheep and purple robot master and purple leaves in a Spoonflower fabric design.

 This is my favourite version, because if I could paint the world, this would be how the sheep and leaves would look in winter. Imagine a wreath of those leaves.

A pink sheep with a black and pink robot master and falling light brown leaves.

 This is the version that big companies would market to small female children. If you know how to convince them to do that, contact me.

Red autumnal cartoony sheep design for Spoonflower fabrics.

I've got great hopes of the red version. One day, I'll convince Lindsay of Jammin' Creations  to help me make this into a circle skirt so that I can bemuse and charm strangers while advertising Paper Trips.

An orange and black shadow Spoonflower design by Paper Trips, of a sheep and its robot overlord.
The first Sunset Ninja Hypnotised Sheep With Crazed Robot Master prototype.

Okay, so this one didn't quite make the cut. No Sunset Ninja Hypnotised Sheep With Crazy Robot Master. It might be a bit too complex for a fabric design concept.


But not really! The image quality just degraded too much, so I've decided to add a remake in ninja style to my long term list of projects for a rainy day (because as a pluviophile, rainy days make me high and design-lovin').


Send me your ideas for this little guy if anything comes to mind! Imagination! Life is your creation.


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    Lotti Riley (Tuesday, 17 February 2015 19:06)

    Thank you. :)

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    Trish (Thursday, 19 February 2015 07:17)

    Hypno Sheep rocks!! I'd like to see that skirt too. I think this design would look great on flannelette pyjamas for little boys :-)

  • #4

    Lotti Riley (Saturday, 21 February 2015 04:23)

    Ha, maybe we could order matching ones. :D I only know one little boy and his mum is the sewing genius at Jammin' Creations, so maybe I'll ask what he thinks!

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