Timely Lucky Spiders for the Chinese New Year

Red and white Chinese paper cutting contest entry from Chinese New Year 2014.
Lucky Ancient Spiders - Spoonflower

    Every week, Spoonflower runs a contest with a new theme for designs. One entry per person, one contest for a particular design and generally designs that don't fit the theme enough will be ousted.  One of the first contests that I entered was the Chinese Paper Cutting Contest for the Chinese New Year in 2014. The first image here was my entry. Obviously, the designs had to fit the paper cutting requirement and colours were restricted to red and white.


    Chinese paper cuts are decoration for major celebrations and symbolise good luck, health and prosperity. There were some fabulous entries! Many focused Chinese symbols, writing or zodiacs. You can see most of them here. To make mine, I went on a little research bender to discover that both frogs and spiders are consider good luck. Among other reasons, eight is thought to be a lucky number and therefore the eight legs and eyes of spiders make them a neat good luck symbol.

       It being that time of year again, there is a 2015 celebratory Chinese New Year contest and while casting my eye over ideas, I rediscovered the Lucky Ancient Spiders fabric. It made me wonder why I'd never employed colour variations on it, to rework it. So, I tried it.


   With varying degrees of success! It did look a little odd in some hues. I'm not always opposed to odd, of course, so I only deleted half of the odd ones. As usual, feel free to make suggestions for colour or other variations and most of these images are links to the relevant Spoonflower pages. Otherwise, the web address will be beneath.

Framed orange spider and frog fabric design on white background.
Cheery Orange Spiders - Spoonflower

A simple switch from orange to red on white. I used a simple frame on the original design with a slight shadow underneath to suggest two layers of paper.

An orange, purple and black picture for fabric by Paper Trips.
Glowing Orange Spiders http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/3905602

Halloweeny themes! At exactly the wrong time of the year.  I'm always out of sync with major marketing dates. This design can enlarge, which will show the ribbons of purple.

A black spider fabric design on a bright neon teal blue background for the Chinese New Year Contest 2014.
Disco Neon Spiders - Spoonflower

Can't resist a good neon. Or a good disco, if they still existed.

Please bring back the disco.

Orange, white and green Halloween wrapping paper design with spiderwebs and flowers.
Lucky Halloween Spiders http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/3905579

You can click to enlarge this one. It is similar to the orange and white but at the larger size, there are hints of eerie green. Good fortunate in creepy ways! Hurruh!

Black and red spidery froggy square image for wrapping paper.
Lucky Widow Spiders - Spoonflower

More creepiness. I love how bright colours can seem to glow on a black background.

Named for the famed Australian black widow spider, though only for the colour scheme.

A torrid pink and green spider and fireworks fabric image for Spoonflower.
Florid Neon Spiders - Spoonflower

People seem to think that spiders can't be cute. I disagree! Spider phobias can be triggered by representations of spiders- but it's a lot less likely in lollipop pink and green. 

Lavender and cream hued soft and cute spider design for fabrics and wallpaper.
Little Lavender Spiders - Spoonflower

When I was a child, my mother worked on a berry and lavender farm, from which came all manner of treats and sweets. The lavender bushes always had tiny spiders exploring the flowers.

A softened black and white design of spiders on lines with geometric frogs.
Lucky Faded Spiders - Spoonflowers

I like to think of this one as 'spiders blinded by the torch in the garden at night'. Like the others the image does look pixelated at this size, but the file used for the fabric is not.

A sepia and cream-yellow variation of the Lucky Ancient Spiders design.
Lucky Sepia Spiders - Spoonflower

The golden brown variation. I know the retro look has become popular in all areas of design in the past few years, especially with the steampunk movement. Can't resist it myself, apparently!

Black, white and dark turquoise version of the spider fabric.
Lucky Night Spiders http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/3905569

This design is also possible to enlarge, with the web page listed underneath. At this size it looks colourless but includes a subtle dark turquoise lining around the image.

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