Gilding the Green Lilies- Amazing Christmas Decorations

This is a gold metallic and green half ball of lilies with one lily open and facing the viewer.

    When I was a kid, I used to loathe the green and gold colours that are representative of Australia in sporting events. I always had very strong views of colours, ha! The gold is usually not metallic (which I considered to be not-gold) and the green is never the soft, forest colour I have always loved. But over time, I must have changed preferences, because I loved using these papers for my friend's Christmas order.

This is two half sphered of paper lilies (flowers) on bright red ribbons, sitting on a textured white fabric.

      For this set, the flowers were too numerous in each piece for me to make more than the two half spheres- the paper wouldn't stretch even to a  third and the amount of time spent making the items would drive any realistic price up. While the flowers are quite small, in the world of origami, smaller is not necessarily faster or easier! But the items did end up rather larger than the average hanging ornament for tree branches and I made a pair of matching earrings to make up for the shortfall of ornaments in the set.

       One lily in each piece is doubled up to bulk them out and provide some extra detailing. The rest are single lilies, all only in the two types of paper.

        The glorious earrings! One in the green, one in the gold. Of course there earrings are quite delicate, but I did add a coat of varnish to give a little added strength. The size is a little larger than average short earrings but not too bulky and certainly not heavy.

This is the underside of two paper origami hanging decorations, showing the gold stars and green glass stones.

So for hanging these two in the air, I placed the little matching gold stars on the back. The green glass stones add weight to have the pieces sit more flat against the wall.

Paper floristry in the form of handmade Christmas decorations.

    The reason I love these lilies is that in this set up, each piece can be hung on a wall by the ribbon or displayed on a table with the ribbon shown or tucked underneath. For someone like me who can never put together a decent looking table centrepiece for myself, this is the whole deal, a low stress table decoration that takes a couple of seconds to place.

A homemade Christmas decoration set consisting of two green and gold paper lilies in half spheres; two silver earrings of one lily each.

Here you can see the size of the hanging decorations. The half spheres are only around the size of a medium size palm and has not too much height.

     I'm a fan of Christmas decorations that can be used on other occasions (without comments); the bright, metallic or clean colours in beautiful shapes, yet lacking any words or imagery that is overt. This is good for the wallet and great for the environment.

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    That's so kind! Thank you. Feel free to try out the challenge to see something in your favourite colours. :)

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