Bluepink Pyramid Bouquet

A young woman holding a blue, pink and yellow paper bouquet of roses. She's in front of a green hedge.

     Bouquet Pride! Sorry that I look so smug in this picture. It's a pyramid bouquet! It's just, I'm practically a pharaoh now. A confused pharaoh with little understanding of the Law of Gravity, admittedly.


      So in keeping with the 'envirosolution' inventing, I was searching for a way to create a piece in any shape I, or a customer, may want a piece in and also a way to keep the weight and materials usage down. This structure is a wire frame covered with pretty, colour matching calendar covers and then flowers and curled triangles to replicate dark blue leaves. The cover pages of calendars are surprisingly strong, but I also covered the calendar walls with some hand painted paper for a little extra. The stem is a cardboard tube covered with a matching calendar page. 

A handmade bouquet held in front of a pink flowery garden by a girl in a floral skirt, black top and blue cardigan.

      I've found this to be an effective structure, so I'll be creating more as time goes on. Obviously, not everybody wants an upside down pyramid bouquet- yes, it's very sad and no, I don't understand it either- so more shapes to come. Maybe even an upside-up pyramid bouquet! If you have a suggestion, please feel free to put in either a real or imaginary order with me through the CHALLENGE page


This photo shows how the bouquet unwittingly matches my spring-summer garden blooms. Yes, for all our international visitors, Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere and we are experiencing summer while much of the rest of humanity freezes. Just remember, the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake. 

A triangular homemade floral art piece. Spotty papers.

The majority of flowers on this bouquet are twisty roses. These are the simplest version of twisty roses, where each visible fold is clearly defined. A more complex version of these roses is displayed in another blog post in the gallery of photos.

An array of handmade flowers in beautiful papers; navy blue, cream yellow, light and dark pink, floral and spotty.

Floristry using natural flowers or fake silk flowers usually employs the attached green leaves as fillers. In the absence of those, I create new papery methods for that. For this bouquet, I have used simple curled triangular leaves and also soft yellow paper tubes- again, avoiding waste of paper in a pretty and efficient way.

A floral paper bouquet for a lumberjack; it sits on a woodpile.

I'm aiming to sell this particular piece to a lumberjack, so this is an example whet the floral appetite of any lumberjacks who may be reading my website.

Gold inked yellow twisty and metallic pink twisty roses. Square blossom and dark blue triangle leaves.

The metallic pink squarish blossom shown here is my creation, for filling in particular gaps, adding spots of colour and using up scraps of beloved paper. On the three yellow roses and one pink, the gold inked lining is just visible.

A bouquet handle with a vintage Japanese painting calendar page. Flowers over sandy beaches and blue waves over rocks.

That gorgeous Japanese calendar has given so much! This picture is of pink flower bursts hanging over yellow sandy beaches and blue-white waves. The picture formed the basis of the montage for this bouquet.

An upside down pyramid bouquet with origami roses.

The bouquet has a fairly flat top. It's not a common look, but it sure makes it easy to rest the bouquet safely without damaging the flowers! It's quite important in a bouquet that you want lasting a long time.

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    Trish (Friday, 05 December 2014 04:13)

    Lovely post, Lotti...great photos, too!
    I've shared it on my blog :-)

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    Lotti Riley (Friday, 05 December 2014 19:04)

    Cheers! I could definitely do with an injection from a really popular blog. =)

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    Trish (Friday, 05 December 2014 22:48)

    Hi again..just wanted to say..don't forget to come over and read the comments for you on my blog. You might "meet" some fellow-crafters there. xx

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    Lotti Riley (Saturday, 06 December 2014 02:43)

    Ha, I just realised I can follow your name back. :) But no profile picture?

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