My Little Hanging Ball of Sunshine

A summer hanging ball with autumnal silk maple leaves and yellow painted paper flowers. Paper origami, handmade and artistic.

     The great floral alternative to the bouquet is, of course, the hanging ball! Is there a better name for this? Like the bouquets that I make, I find it to be lighter, more efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable to make the hanging balls with a base of scrunched and rolled scrap paper. The ribbon is generally glued into the ball underneath the final flat layer of coloured paper or fabric for extra strength.


      For this, my very first hanging paper floristry piece, I had all this wonderful bright yellow paper. It was plain paper, easy to find in local shops. For a warm colour scheme and to have the floral details

stand out, I mixed up a watercolour-like mixture of mica powders, inks and dyes. Mostly these were applied after folding the origami but there were a couple of paper squares that I lightly lined with the colour for an unusual effect. Down one side I also experimented with a line of mini red roses and lilies.


      The individual pieces are mostly rose variations, but there other pieces in there. There is one bright butterfly, a large lotus blossom, a couple of lilies, randomly placed red tubes and a number of autumnal fabric maple leaves. Several items are spotted with red, orange or black mica sprays to add texture, although it does rather make the piece quite busy. Forgive the glossy crumpled linen in the background! Unfortunately I couldn't use the great outdoors as the heavens were grumping about the place again.

This is a beautiful twisted origami rose, professionally made. Yellow paper flowers with black mica spray.

For this particular rose I sprayed a little black glimmer around half way through the folding process. I find the effect to be rather fascinating; if I hadn't done it myself, I'd be trying to figure out how it was done.

A yellow and pink patchwork twisty rose on a floral bouquet of paper flowers. All handmade paper origami and paint.

This is my little crosshatch rose- where I painted the paper before folding- surrounded by a line of mini red roses and lilies.

This is a bright, vibrant paper lotus blossom in traditional origami. Warm sunshine coloured paper flowers and spots.

This is a lotus blossom with both the lining colour and the spotty look. To the left is a little red tube, below is a maple flower and to the upper left is a mini red lily.

A hanging ball of handmade paper flowers on a blue ribbon. Yellow, orange and red.

 The little line of red flowers stretches down from where the ribbon meets the ground of the ball. The poor butterfly is just visible nestled in the flowers near the bottom.

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    Trish (Friday, 05 December 2014 04:26)

    I love the brightness of this hanging ball. It really is "sunshiney" and warm looking!
    And the crosshatch rose is very appealing...I can see that being worn as a brooch, too. xx

  • #2

    Barbaera Neubeck (Friday, 05 December 2014 19:08)

    Hello Lotti...... wishing you great success in this venture... I love your work and I've put in a real order for one of these gorgeous floral balls in Christmas Colours.... looking forward to receiving it, if you can do it..... you can send it down with Trish and Rog when they come down for Mums birthday...... or deliver it yourself if you and D are coming too.. Hugs.. Barb xx

  • #3

    Lotti Riley (Friday, 05 December 2014 21:45)

    Thank you, Barb and Trish! It was a pleasure to wake up to your comments this morning, and especially a Christmas order! I'll pop straight onto it. :D

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