Sweet Paper Sakura Dishes

Coffee art sakura origami sitting in a bird's water bath in a garden.

      In a sunny garden, I displayed this somewhat contradictory coffee art-in-sakura-shape on top of a bird bath. The sakura, or cherry blossom, is a popular shape for the useable styles of origami and there are many variations. This particular sakura style can have four to eight or nine petals, because before glueing the petal pieces together, they have a malleable size and shape.


      I'm a BIG coffee lover, and once barista in my own business. Need to send a shout out to Toby's Estate, from whom I gained my training, years ago, and who were also my cafe's supplier. I probably shouldn't tell them about the couple of kilos hoarded away after they went out of date in order to turn into coffee art. For future reference, New South Welshpeople, I can put little coffee beans into the centre of any flowers for no extra cost. Because I LURVE them.

      The featured dish on the left is sadly not suitable for actually holding sweets or jewelry in for a couple of reasons. The most important reason is simply that this design lacks stability with only four petals, especially in this large size. It simply will not sit flat. The other is that the paper is weak! But so lovely! The paper is recycled paper from calendars, which doesn't lend itself well to designs requiring strength or firm, numerous folds. When using calendar paper I tend to go for straight edge, simple flowers like the above (in small versions) or lotus blossoms. So for the coffee-coloured item shown here, I will be adding a ribbon for it to hang from my wall and remind me of something I love (but shouldn't actually have).

Paper sakura cherry blossom dish, origami.

This is a strong, five petalled version of the same design. It is made from thick acid free paper of matching colours and I have seven of these exact dishes to sell. They also have several coatings of good quality, non-toxic varnish sealer.

So they're going to last quite a while, and you can even pop them in the dishwasher after a good party! No, not really. A slightly damp cloth would probably be okay though. They also fit the traditional image of a sakura with five blossoms and thus are completely non-embarrassing when hosting a Japanese person! Yay!

Black and yellow sakura dish sitting on pink satin with TAFTA badge.

This is the same sakura dish as above, with a few items popped into it to show size- it is quite small. 


The official unit of measurement is Ferrero Rocher, and each petal just holds two.

On this angle you can see the daisies! Quite honestly, daisies make anything better.


Even, I swear, funnelwebs and white tips. Daisies form a magical barrier of happiness between you and the spider through which fangs cannot penetrate. This is why daisies. At least I think these are daisies.

Lotti Riley folding an origami sakura dish, with love hearts above.

Feel the lurve, New South Welshpeople.



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