Orange Heart Bouquet of Romantic Paper Flowers

This is an orange, handmade paper bouquet being held by a woman in a green dress (Lotti Riley). There is a white garden trestle in the background.

      According to various internet marketing sources, orange is a fairly unpopular colour- not only do people rarely call it their favourite (blue steals the preference), but both genders tend to find orange less pleasant. Presumably this includes distasteful orange colours like that dreadful tone Aussie primary school uniforms often have (which turned me off orange for two decades!), of course, and the orange of actual oranges, so the studies don't tell us whether specific shades of orange would make a difference.


      For me, two things began a love affair with orange a few years ago. One was the discovery that orange lipstick suits me remarkably well (this was so unusual and shocking an event that I immediately bought four variations) and the other was the immensely beautiful tryptich 'The Sacred Place' on the Australian desert by local artist Joy Engleman (the lower set of three paintings.


And of course, orange works so well with other popular colours. Autumnal themes for the wins!

A lovely handmade paper floral bouquet. Orange, gold, book paper, purple, pink and white paper.

For a warm, bright and peaceful colour scheme, aim for analogous colours. Analogous colours are those close to each other on a colour wheel. For orange, this means yellow, cream, red, pink and potentially even purple as this bouquet shows.


White always makes for a crisp contrast too, without losing the coherent colour scheme.

A pretty artistic paper floral bouquet. Orange, gold, book paper, purple, pink and white paper.
The heart shape in this bouquet is fairly subtle, which I rather prefer. It is only properly visible straight on, as above.
An orange paper bouquet on side view, with lots of autumnal satin leaves.

Underneath, this bouquet is covered with layered fabric maple leaves for a fiery effect. The stem is covered with a Japanese calendar picture of maple trees in autumn.

A lovely handmade paper floral bouquet held up by a happy woman in a spring garden.

Complementary colours are those that are opposite on the colour wheel. Red and green, for example. The complement of orange is generally purple; orange can stand out boldly against general cool or dark colours. Above you can see the contrast of the orange bouquet against the dark purple flowers and stockings and the green of the beautiful garden.

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    Barbara Neubeck (Saturday, 17 January 2015 01:30)

    In love this bouquet, Lotti...... I like a bit of orange....xxxxhugs... Barb xx

  • #2

    Megan Nicholson (Saturday, 17 January 2015 02:18)

    Beautiful! and orange is my least favourite colour

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