Naomi's Bouquet of Sweets and Paper Treats

A photo of a handmade paper flower bouquet with fabric, ribbons and silver beads.

   When I was putting together a gift for my friend Naomi's 21st birthday I wanted the colours to be pleasant, soft and bright. As it turned out, that meant rose patterned white, minty green stripes and green sprayed gold paper. It started looking like an old-fashioned sweets shop, so I added a dark blue humbug rose and a large shimmery liquorice rose for contrast.


     It probably should have occurred to me at this point that adding real wrapped lollies would have made sense.


On the inside, this bouquet is all paper. The handle is rolled cardboard wrapped in brown paper and overlaid with the teal cotton. The head is a paper ball covered in bright pink fabric in case any shows through. The whole item is considerably lighter than it looks.

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