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    So... I'm pretty excited to be finally starting this website. I first became entranced with all the possibilities of paper floristry a couple of years ago, although at the time, my partner and I had a small cafe-kiosk in Orange which really took most of my time. We managed to find a buyer- unfortunately just at the time that our business was picking up, but that's life! After the business sold, we organised a trip to Africa for around two months. So in between the paper floristry, I get to post beautiful pictures that I had the privilege of taking in Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Singapore. Aaaaand I've made lots of those photos into fabric and paper designs on the wondrous website Spoonflower, and card, mug, art print and various other items via the brilliant Aussie website Redbubble!


     To see the fabrics, wallpapers and gift wraps that I have currently available to sell in my Spoonflower shop, go to HERE. To see fabrics that are publicly viewable but not yet for sale, click on Fabric Collections or Designs Not For Sale in the sidebar. I've just excitedly ordered my first lot of wrapping paper in my own designs to make into floral monstrosities! 


    I hope to post everyday for a little while, until there's a good few posts on here to explore, then drop down to once or twice a week. Hopefully there may be occasional guest bloggers with some different thoughts as well- if you are interested, please contact me about it! Overall, the focus will remain paper floristry because, well, pretty things are good for our minds and mental health.

A male African elephant from Botswana. Copyright Lotti Riley.

A Bots Winsome Elephant. Isn't he gorgeous? Unfortunately the Ebola crisis has hit Botswana tourism hard, despite Botswana being in the south part of Africa (Ebola is to the west). Batswana are a brilliant people and I hope they, and my mum, stay Ebola-free. I have turned this lucky shot into a set of fabrics and wallpapers.

Fabric design of Botswanan elephant in soft greens on beige background. Copyright Lotti Riley.
Name: Winsome Elephant


Soft soft green patterns on a cream coloured background create a picture of the above elephant. This is available in my Spoonflower shop to buy directly from them  as a fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap. The design is available to put into floral creations as well, although that would require me ordering it from Spoonflower to work with first.

Photo of reeds highlighted against African sky; Botswana. Copyright Lotti Riley.

The Big Five animals are of course a major draw to Botswana's nature tourism, but if you keep your eyes open, every moment provides a fascinating glimpse into a glorious and unique environment. This simple photo, taken from a boat ride through water canals in the Okavango Delta, has become one of my favourite set of fabric designs.

Bold, circular pink and green clouded fabric design. Available on Spoonflower, also as wallpaper or wrapping paper. Copyright Lotti Riley.
Name: Mosaic Plasticate

This kaleidoscopic borealis design is a shifting around of the above photo of reeds. To me, this happy graphic accident still manages to recreate the feeling of immense depth that the reeds on either side of the Delta water canals imposed on us as the boat moved. While the atmosphere would not necessarily come across with folding, I intend to experiment with this as paper for origami.

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