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A Long Distance Floral Dedication to My Aunt

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba~
Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba~

     Like many Aussie kids, I was brought up in a single parent household and a whole family community. My mum has three sisters in different areas of New South Wales, who have generally had beautiful country properties, horses and dogs, my cousins and uncles and thriving humour chips. One of my aunts is Jenny, who lived near Armidale when I was a kid. I have childish impressions of laughter and teasing, very creative endeavours and (sorry Jen) moonlighting at Monopoly from which I learnt the skills of skepticism and keeping an eye on bankers, both useful skills.

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The 'First Blush of Sunshine' Flower Ball

   My partner and his mother sitting on a garden seat. Don't they look sweet? Trish put this order in with me a little while after Barbara put her Festive Titan order in. Similar to that piece, this one provided a new challenge. The order was quite simple;


A hanging ball entirely of lilies

Similar size to the Sunshine Ball (10-15cm)

Orange, yellow, pink and bright


I'm a little obsessive about sunrise colours so choosing the papers was a pleasure, but using origami paper did create a structure problem. Traditional origami paper is very thin and delicate, which made me worry that the end product would be weak and possibly fall out of shape. The solution was conveniently what I had already planned; to pop an extra, smaller lily in all the base lilies and a few stronger papers. And strangely enough, hours of folding proper origami paper left me with zero hand ache afterwards, unlike my calendar paper flowers!

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Distressed Characters in Digital Print

A pink cartoon kitten with mittens in comic book style - by Paper Trips

      This is a recent entry into a Spoonflower contest, the 'Kittens in Mittens' contest. The pink and teal version was the one entered, with the orange and blue one created afterwards. While many of my fabric (and wallpaper or wrapping paper) designs are adaptions of photos, I have enjoyed playing about making cartoonish characters like this from scratch for some time now, just like my 'Hypnotised Sheep With Robot Master'.

An orange cartoon kitten with mittens in comic book style - by Paper Trips

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Barb's Festive Titan of Paper Flowers

Unfinished paper flower project by Paper Trips, with just one Christmas paper lily.

     When my partner's Aunt Barbara put in an order for a Christmas hanging ball, it sounded like a normal order. One hanging ball with any paper flowers, main colours were to be red and green and the size was to be around 30-35cm, so the largest to date. It was a brand new challenge that set me thinking, but in my uppity excitement I underestimated what that size actually meant.


    In this first photo you can see the hanging ball's underwear (sorry, festive titan ball!) and the very first flower. Isn't it sweet and rather reminiscent of a toddler with one front tooth? I almost sent this picture to Barbara with a note explaining that the item was finished, but I didn't think she'd fall for it.

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Hypnotised Sheep With The Crazed Robot Master

Paper Trips fabric design (also wallpaper and wrapping paper) of a cartoon sheep hypnotised by a flying robot.
Hypnotised Sheep With The Crazed Robot Master

      This is one of my fabric designs on Spoonflower, the Hypnotised Sheep With The Crazed Robot Master. He's been Imperiused, controlled, and his robotic overlord created is wearing pins stuck in its wires because it thought it was missing ears. This sheepie is going through a rough patch right now.

But isn't he cute? :")


It is also available on two types of wrapping paper and two types of wallpaper. I played around with the colours and made a few (semi) monochromatic variations. Each picture is a link to the relevant Spoonflower pages.

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Unusual Paper Flower Gifts of Love

An orange and white hanging paper semi-sphere of lilies on a purple satin background.

     I'm usually one those people who collects Christmas gifts between Christmas and the next Christmas, spending time agonising over what gift would suit which person and leaping into sales or, more recently, spending hours trawling DIY blogs. Telling people this often brings out a delicate shudder and occasionally, a Look. It's possible they don't fully understand the gifting obsession.

      Last year, however, it all went awry and I had nada when it came to December AND my partner's work Christmas party was 'S' themed. Luckily I was already knee deep in pretty paper and lots of ideas. I'll just post a couple of those here.

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